June 09, 2020

pfSense software version 2.4.5-p1 is now available.

This update includes security fixes and stability fixes.

In this article, we take a look at the highlights of this update.


The major security updates are as follows:

  • Addressed the issue with large pf tables causing system instability and high CPU usage.
  • Fixed an issue on SSHGuard package which prevent it from protecting correctly against brute force attacks.
  • Update Unbound to address CVE-2020-12662 and CVE-2020-12663 ; theses vulnerabilities are classified as “High” ; Unbound is the DNS resolver including in pfSense.
  • Update json-c to address CVE-2020-12762 ; this vulnerability is classified as “High” ; json-c is a implementation of JSON in C.
  • Added protection against misconfigured group privileges.
  • Addressed FreeBSD Security Advisories & Errata Notices

Notable bugs

Several important bugs have also been fixed.

  • Fixed language selection for Chinese (Taiwan) / HK Translations.
  • Added support for Intel iwm wireless cards (which works in client mode only).
  • Added support for QLogic qlxgb 10Gbit/s Ethernet interfaces.
  • Updated DNS Resolver EDNS buffer sizes for DNS flag day 2020.
  • Squid : fixed an issue on LDAP filters containing an accent.

Upgrade process

This update is available for upgrade or new install.

If the update system does not offer an upgrade to 2.4.5-p1, refresh the repository configuration by running the following commands from the console or shell:

pkg-static clean -ay; pkg-static install -fy pkg pfSense-repo pfSense-upgrade

In any case, remember to make a backup before launching the upgrade, and follow our complete tutorial: [pfSense] Upgrading pfSense (how-to).

Finally, you can consult the complete list of changes by visiting the following page: 2.4.5-p1 New Features and Changes.

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